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Raptors Botswana is a non-for-profit organisation established by dedicated and passionate conservationists to ensure the survival of raptors in Botswana.  Much of their research focus to date has been on Lappet-faced vultures (these vultures are one of the least well-known vultures and rarest of all African species) but they are now working to conserve all the 5 species of vulture that live in Botswana.

Vultures are particularly sensitive to human disturbance and as populations grow, vultures in Africa are in crisis with numbers plummeting and with many species having recently been upgraded into being either endangered or critically endangered. The work of the charity is making big strides in safeguarding the future of these birds through its Botswana Vulture Research Project.

The project is always looking for additional funding. Contact Glyn Maude  or Pete Hancock

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