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Pemberton Partners opened the London office in 2007 when it established a market leading function specializing in recruitment across Risk, Finance and Governance.  The team has worked across all areas of financial and technology sectors with clients ranging from top Investment Banks, Asset and Wealth Managers, Insurance Companies to Fintech start-ups.

“Regulation, regulation, regulation” - This remains the main catalyst for hiring across support functions, many institutions have taken non business hiring in house and feel that they no longer need to use search. Whilst this initially appears to have been a successful strategy, we are now seeing that you cannot hire the best talent in the market without being proactive and using search. 


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There is now a gap in talent for the next generation of leaders and hence many institutions are having to change the way they identify and hire talent and have turned back to using traditional market experts to execute search. 

Our practice is respected for its longstanding reputation and track record of delivery where we have completed a range of individual or team moves at CXO; functional, product and geographical lead.

We are known for our detailed knowledge of the market and this allows us to offer impartial, objective, and strategic consultative advice in addition to quick and efficient recruitment solutions.


In 2008 and 2009 Pemberton Partners began to enter other markets, specifically the GCC and APAC Regions.  Through this expansion we started to connect with clients in those markets who wanted to enter the London market or were already here and wanted to grow. 


Through these contacts we support a growing number of international clients in London working very closely with them in ensuring we are able to provide them with the best advice and talent available in the market across both business and support functions.

Both teams are acknowledged as market leader’s and our approach is underpinned with in-depth market analysis, referencing and honest feedback, allowing our clients to make informed decisions on their hiring strategies.

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