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Leukaemia UK

Pemberton Partners also supported Brad Jordan raising funds for the Leukaemia UK Charity.


To stop leukaemia devastating lives.



“We bring together the leukaemia community so we can find and fund the life-changing research that matters most to people affected”.



“We are curious” – they explore new possibilities, restless for progress. 

“We are collaborative” – they bring people together, galvanizing and inspiring them to change the future. 

“We are bold” – they push boundaries and go further than ever before.



They bring together the experience and expertise of people who are living and working with leukaemia and put patients right at the heart. They will do everything they can to make sure that the next person diagnosed has the best possible experience of diagnosis, treatment and care.


Their future work will focus on saving and improving more lives, through research, awareness and advocacy.


With your help, they can fund more work than ever before. Over the next five years, they can treble our investment in life-changing initiatives. We will be able to raise greater awareness of the disease and champion the voice of leukaemia patients and our community.


Brad Jordan

Last April, Brad ran the London Marathon for a charity very close to his family - Leukaemia UK, in memory of his Grandad Terry.


“Leukaemia doesn’t discriminate. It affects people of all ages – from children to grandparents. Every day in the UK, 28 people – 10,000 a year – are told the news that they have leukaemia. Despite decades of progress, survival rates for leukaemia are still nowhere near where they should be and quality of life for those with leukaemia remains a challenge. Now, more than ever before, research has the power to change this. Leaukaemia UK's strategy has been shaped by scientific and healthcare professionals across the blood cancer community. It focuses on saving and improving more lives, through research, awareness and advocacy”.


Brad Jordan stated some Blood Cancer Facts:

  • Blood cancer is the 3rd biggest cancer killer and 5th most common cancer in the UK.

  • Every 16 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the UK.

  • In the UK, approximately 250,000 people are currently living with blood cancer.

  • More than 35 people die every day from blood cancer in the UK.

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