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Filipinos always value generosity and the heart for service. Pemberton Partners share the same values - especially that two Filipinas belong to the group.

In December 2020, Pemberton Partners Manila Team, with the help of local community officials, held a one-day event to feed children in one of the poverty-stricken communities in the Philippines. Pemberton Partners Manila Team fed 200 children, as well as organized fun activities and distributed gifts.

The next day, Pemberton Partners Manila Team dedicated another 1 full day to distribute food to street-dwellers in the metro. Pemberton Partners Manila Team was able to distribute 100 food packs. It was challenging but meaningful activity being able to bring joy and a little help to those who are in need for Pemberton Partners Manila Team.

Couple of days before Christmas, Pemberton Partners Manila provided donations to 2 different churches in support of Church's cause to provide food on the table on Christmas eve for selected poor families in the province area. In spirits, Pemberton Partners Manila Team celebrated Christmas with these families.

Pemberton Partners Manila Team vows to support and create an impact to local communities in the Philippines, as the country and the world face the Corona Virus Pandemic and long battle with poverty. With humble heart, Pemberton Partners Team Manila looks forward to more opportunities to give back to local communities in every possible way and drive change and happiness to all.

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